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A success History

From 1928 to 2015


In 1928 Attilio Steffano Sr. starts his venture in the insurance business with steadiness and keen perception of a growing market.
In 1997 the third generation joins the staff and on 2004 his son dr. Marco Steffano becomes head of the company: he projects and launches the new web oriented software package “Home Broker” to enhance the Management Information capabilities of its Customers.
In 1963 dr. Ernesto Steffano joins his father and drives the activity to new segments of the market such as brokerage for larger Companies operating worldwide.


Svolgiamo il nostro ruolo

The Role of Broker

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The insurance broker intermediates between the Customer and its needs of protection and the Insurance Company which provides the coverage.
In such role, he is free to negotiate with the Insurance Companies in the exclusive interest of his Customer.

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Discover what makes us different from our competitors and why we are the right partner to protect your interests. By choosing us, you only run one risk: regretting of not having chosen us earlier.

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Company profile

Company profile

Steffano Assicuratori is one of the few insurance brokers who has been narrating a success story since 1928. The Steffano Family is now in its third generation of insurance brokers.

Local & global expertise

Local & global expertise

A steady Growth

A steady Growth

Our Team

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge,
with a deep bond lying in the passion for this job.