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The History behind

Steffano Family is operating in the insurance business since 1928 and now the third generation has taken the helm.
Steffano Assicuratori Srl, has been founded on 1984 to comply with the public regulatory requirements issued in Italy at that time and has been enrolled in the Italian Register of Insurance Brokers then instituted.

The Insurance Broker is a professional activity regulated by law since 1984.

Mission, aim and goal of Steffano’s has always been to achieve, with his multiyear experience, optimal Customer Protection by selecting the best value-for-money coverage of the increasing risks in their activity.

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Home broker

Home Broker

Our exclusive solution for an easy and fast Management Information System.

The development of innovative tools available to the customers is the latest evolution of Steffano Assicuratori services. Home Broker is an online portal, safe and free, conceived to monitor the insurance portfolio and if necessary to interact with the structure.

Anytime and anywhere, with Home-Broker, simple and friendly, is possible to:

  • View and Print the policies in-stored optically
  • Check the situation of payments and deadlines
  • Open and Follow the progress of the claims

Specially designed for Companies operating worldwide.

Have you ever heard of home banking? We applied the same concept to the insurance field.